Wild rice salad paired with a rich buttery flavor of the Shiitake mushroom.
Thank you to Aleisha Davies from AJ's Organics for sharing this delicious recipe! When skies begin to darken earlier and the weeks leading to Christmas start moving in fast forward, it is time for quick and easy meals that are delicious and hearty. Quiche is often overlooked as an easy supper fix. This versatile meal can be made with the greatest of ease and easily transformed into a  gourmet meal with the addition of local cheeses, fresh veggies from your local farm stand and herbs that are still thriving in your own garden. Here is a local organic quiche recipe that I think you will enjoy. Keep in mind that the mushrooms, squash, herbs and cheese can be substituted for those you may have on hand. Pair this quiche with a simple green salad including carrot curls, shredded beats, bite size cauliflower florets and garlicky vinaigrette.
Pumpkin and Matcha? Turns out that the two go together like pie and ice cream. Enjoy our fall favorite Matcha recipe, and make sure to check out your local pumpkin patch!
Enjoy this flavorful Radicchio Kale Salad with a Pine Nut  Pesto Dressing for your delicious lunch or dinner! Your taste buds will sing in delight and thank you! Check out Danielle Arsenault's profile!
I just love experimenting with flavour profiles and fancy kitchen equipment. When my fridge is a little bare, I resort to my imagination to lend a helping hand towards that creative culinary prowess. If one so happens to have a few sundried tomatoes and basil lying around, we know it’s going to be a good day. Throw in half a yellow zucchini, some sprouted almonds and a few spices and you’re taste buds will be singin’ in no time. On this day of experimentation, all went well. That’s because I just received a little package in the mail to really throw a wrench in the traditional status quo. For the most part, people seem to love their carbs – especially the long stringy kind called spaghetti. Have you ever heard of the Spirooli Spiralizer?  Why this cute kitchen contraption is a wonder for making fresh veggie spaghetti noodles! Whether it be zucchini noodles, carrot ribbons or angel hair beet root, the Spirooli will trick your mind into believing you are eating pasta, minus all the heavy carbs and gluten-full filler. When I got my spiralizer I couldn’t wait to take it out of the box and play! A quick flip through the instructions to be sure I wouldn’t slice my hand off, and voila! Ready made fresh yellow zucchini noodles - raw, vegan, gluten-free and definitely no heavy carbs that would take your body a lot longer than necessary to digest. Drizzled with a home-made raw sun-dried tomato basil sauce, this mock pasta will leave you feeling light and full of energy, unlike it’s cooked counterpart. To add a spicy kick, top with some super food Incan berries that have been soaked in warm water for half hour and a few red daikon radish sprouts which are rich in enzymes and extremely delicious. Speaking of sprouts, I love to grow my own sprouts in the kitchen. All you need are some viable organic seeds, a piece of mesh (pantyhose will do!) and a mason jar. I get my seeds from a reputable source - Mumm’s sprouting seeds are grown on the prairies of Saskatchewan, where I grew up as a little girl. Sprouts really only take minutes a day to grow and provide us with such a wealth of nutrients, not to mention that they are totally cost effective. Did you know that one pound of sprouts provides the combined nutritional advantage of a thousand baby plants?! Blend them up in a blender and you’ve got a whole whack of nutrient density in such a little amount. Even a handful of sprouts a day will give you a good dose of chlorophyll, or ‘green blood’ as some refer to it. It’s pretty amazing to see how close the human blood cell is to a molecule of chlorophyll. The similarity in the atom structure allows us to absorb it so quickly and then it directly starts to build our blood. Sprouts are also loaded with Vitamin C so as the weather changes, rinse a bunch of sprouts in your kitchen sink and watch them grow from day to day until they are ready to throw on salads or simply blend into sauces and soups.
Enjoy this fast, yummy raw cauliflower mash. Makes a great addition to any of your raw masterpieces! 
Here is a little RAW, LIVING FOODS recipe that is Omega 3-rich and anti-angiogenic / anti-cancer for your healthy cells! AND it's soooo yummy! Make sure you choose ORGANIC produce! Chia creates a sweet, fruit-based and dairy-free pudding, enjoy! 
What is Maca? It comes from the Peruvian Andes of South America/ It has 20 amino acids 7 essential and Vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E. It ccontains important minerals such as calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sulfur, tin and zinc. Maca is Hormone balancing, building muscle, increases stamina, oxygen in blood, neurotransmitter production and libido. *This recipe comes from my participation in the 200 hour Raw Food Educator Program at Raw Foundation in Vancouver, BC. This recipe comes from the Superfoods Series we created together as a group of students. Upon completing this course, I became a certified Whole Foods Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.
Pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition in many homes on this spooky night. My family has always made roasting pumpkin seeds al tradition. Right after dinner we roast the seeds, while getting dressed in our costumes. Pumpkin seeds are a fun, nutritious Halloween snack. Here is a fun twist for your roasted pumpkin seeds! 
Try something different this holiday season with this delicious Middle Eastern Roasted Chicken.  We promise you won't regret this recipe. The cinnamon, rice and pomegranate will dance on your palette.