Thank You For Coffee by Liz Zdunich

Thank You For Coffee by Liz Zdunich
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Jennifer Davies

"Everybody should believe in something. I believe I'll have another coffee." ~ Author Unknown

Thank you.

Thank you for the pile of dishes I just waded through. They mean I was able to feed my family well.

Thank you for the painfully early morning wake up. It means I am still here. I get to play on this earth for at least one more day.

Thank you for the following morning rowdiness. It meant I was surrounded by my babies who were bounding with abundant energy and good health.

Thank you for the munchkin complaints at the dinner table last night. They meant we were blessed to sit down together as a family and that I have access to so many vegetables to nourish my family.

Thank you for community. It means I am surrounded by inspiration.

Thank you for the tears this morning when I walked down the stairs expecting to see a familiar fur baby face waking up, only to quickly be reminded that he is now watching from above.

They mean I had many years of companionship and love walking through life with him. So much so, that my soul knows it's still here, even without my little buddy's physical presence.

Thank you for the realization of previously avoided insecurities. They open me up to reflect and let go of expectations. They also help shape and guide my message and life's work.

Thank you for life lessons. They mean that I am creating the space and curiosity to grow, regardless of my personal thoughts on the timing of their arrival.

Thank you for warm cozy beds. They mean my family has a safe place to lay their heads each night, if only for short bursts through the night.

And today above all, thank you. Thank you for coffee; sweet nectar of the gods, which after the aforementioned night of avoiding beds, makes today a physical possibility.


Liz is a playful yogini, teacher and coach, lover of sweet beats and a goddess of GROOVE, Master Trainer in THEGROOVE, Reiki practitioner, blogger, business owner/operator and above all, a mumma of two beautiful, bright lights. Follow her blog at

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