Interview: Meet the Goldstream Station Market

"Make it, Bake it, Grow it, Sell it"
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BG: How did your business get started and when?

GSM: The Goldstream Station Market started 6 years ago at the Luxton Fairgrounds.  Operated by the Luxton Station Market Society. When Westshore re-developed their downtown corridor the market was invited to be placed by the fountain on the corner of Brynmaur & Goldstream. 

BG: What is the Goldstream Station Markets philosophy?

GSM:  The market is based on a “you grow it, you make it, you bake, you sell it” philosophy. Our vision is of a complete community market, including fresh local farm produce, quality arts and crafts, great music and other local entertainment. 

BG: What are the things that make the market unique and sustainable?  

GSM: Our market provides vendors and artists with opportunities to grow their business, especially when they are just starting out. The market provides them with great exposure and networking opportunities. 

BG: Why did the market make the move to the new Goldstream location compared to the original location at the Luxton Fairgrounds?

GSM: The market really wanted to provide Westshores residents with a local and sustainable venue! Before everyone used to either drive to the Luxton Fairgrounds which was a car ride away.  Also driving on a busy Saturday can be frustrating. Now the Market is right downtown in Westshore. We really wanted to reduce the carbon footprint and create a friendly, fun, local shopping experience for everyone. 

BG: I love the markets blog! The photo's are amazing, do you have a photographer?

GSM: We sure do! Sarah is are amazing photographer, she captures what the market and community is about. Each Market Sarah goes to each vendor and captures the feeling and sense of community with each photo. Sarah also is one of our vendors, she sells her Highland Jams, yummy gluten free, celiac free and nut free fudge and bread. 

BG: How do you become a vendor for your market?

GSM: Like most other community markets in British Columbia, this market is based on a “you grow it, you make it, you bake, you sell it” philosophy. We are looking for local farms, nurseries, crafters and others who want to sell their “homegrown” goods at a local community market. W - See more at:

BG: What are the basic rules and regulations to have a market? 

GSM: We belong to the BC Association of the Farmers Markets. The BCAFM is here to serve the needs of their member farmers’ markets. They are committed to developing and strengthening the capacity of farmers' markets in all regions of British Columbia, so the members can continue to support local farmers and artisans and provide British Columbians with fresh healthy local food. The term "Make it, Bake it, Grow it, Sell it" pretty much says it all. 

BG: Why buy local? 

GSM: Shopping local provides your community with more resources and ensures that your dollar stays within the community. 

BG: What is your goal and vision for the Goldstream Station Market? 

GSM: To continue supporting local businesses and encourage the community to shop local and sustainable.

Thank you so much for providing Westshore with such an amazing market! Cheers The Bee Green Team! 


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