Fernwood: Victoria's Little Gem

"A Fusion of Dub Step and Funky Jazz Perfumes the Air"
Photo Attribution: 
Joanie McCorry

Sitting in the Cornerstone Cafe with my laptop on my lap it’s about 2:34pm. A fusion of Dub Step and Funky Jazz perfumes the air, while everyone is busy on their laptops, listening to their mp3 players, starring off across the room in deep thought or maybe not, reading their phones and texting. Yay, someone is knitting!!

Young hipsters, 30 to 60 something mingle in their online world via Facebook, Twitter, POF etc.  As we sit among each other we smile, say a few words and visit between the beeps of our phones and viewing emails etc. It is the new world, a new shift a new beginning of the unknown.

But as I sit here I feel comfortable knowing that we as humans are connecting on a very spiritual level too. Vision boards, meditation, yoga, dancing, organic food and Eco-products, recycling and connecting to Source are the words that are spoken between us fellow Victorians.

What makes me smile is the eclectic vibe that surrounds me while I look up from my computer.  The Dread Locks, Faux Hawks, Funky Mullets, Red Hair, Black Hair, Micro Mini Bans, Short Hair, Asymmetrical Hair etc. A feeling of excitement surges through my body and my mind! Hair equals art and self expression!