Food Security and the Environment

"Immediate introduction of education, employment and Eco farming are good ways to start."
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Joanie McCorry

Food security means that a person, household or community has both physical and financial access to safe and healthy food. It means that persons eat enough on a daily basis to fulfill his or hers dietary needs and it also means that the quality of the eaten food is adequate enough to aid in proper development and growth. Food security is necessary in order to live a healthy lifestyle and to be a productive member of society. However, in our world today, in both underdeveloped and developed countries there are people suffering from food insecurity. Millions of people die every year due to this epidemic and millions more suffer from disease and developmental complications as a result of undernourishment.

Food insecurity does not just affect that one person or that one community; it affects the whole world and our future. In underdeveloped countries famine exists largely due to population growth, lack of education, poverty and weak agriculture. Natural disasters, conflict and trading obstacles also plays a large part. In Asia and Africa especially, the cycle is a vicious one with little change. The adults are often too uneducated, weak and poor to know how to adequately care for themselves; they go on to produce unhealthy children born with complications, those children then grow into unhealthy adults and, so the cycle of poverty and food insecurity continues. In these countries poverty and environmental degradation needs to be eradicated in order to see real change. Education needs to be introduced and proper organic fertile farming needs to be practiced.

Statistics show that the number of overweight people presently living in the developed world drastically surpasses those who are underweight. In fact there is an obesity crisis in a large part of the developed world. In these parts of the globe lack of food is not the main issue to food insecurity, the main issue is economics. Lower income levels and increased unemployment as well as higher prices for food and gas are to blame for extreme hunger. So, obviously that needs to change in order for everyone to be secure.

Why is Food Security Important:
There are many reasons why food security is important. On a personal level, having access to healthy food every day ensures wellness and guards against disease. Eating well also builds mental clarity and inspires happiness. The opposite is true for those who are food insecure; disease may grow more rapidly and the person may not be able to reach his or hers true ability in life.

Food Security and the Environment:
The world food security now and in the future is depending on the quality of our ecosystem. Climate change is changing the way our environment is working, it is sad but true. So, we have no choice but to change with it. We need to implement advanced natural agricultural practices in order to inspire the rich fertile soil that will continue to supply an abundance of healthy food.

There is no one answer to achieving global food security. However, the immediate introduction of education, employment and Eco farming are good ways to start.


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