Bell Let’s Talk Twitter Heroes!

Bipolar Babe came up with the concept of calling my campaign the Bell Let’s Talk Twitter Heroes!
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Sergej Mueller

There is some exciting news brewing in early January 2014 in the mental health world and Bipolar Babe wants to share it with you first! Did you know that since 2010, Bell has committed 62.5 million dollars to mental health initiatives in Canada. Every year Bell shares its wonderful one day campaign ‘Bell Let’s Talk Day’ and this year mark it on your calendar for Tuesday, January 28, 2014.

Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives for every:

• Text message sent*on the Bell Network

• Long-distance call made*on the Bell Network

• Tweet using #BellLetsTalk

• Facebook share of the Bell Let’s Talk image

As of recently, Healthy Minds Canada a well-known national organization who raises funds to support mental health and addictions research, has approached me, AKA the local Victorian Bipolar Babe to champion their twitter campaign on the West Coast.

The concept seems simple enough, contact 15 solid twitter friends and have them secure two additional twitter contacts rallying 45 fellow twitter Bell Let’s Talk tweeters for the day. It was sure to make an impact, especially if I followed up with my solid contacts and ensured the campaign was flawless. I saw great potential in such a model and decided to take it a step further and instead of contacting 15 people I scrolled thorough my loyal 786 followers and chose 122 that I felt would make a difference.

I then created a BLOG located at (which links you to full instructions on how to get involved) and I started directly tweeting and recruiting each potential tweeter for the campaign one-by-one. I came up with the concept of calling my campaign the Bell Let’s Talk Twitter Heroes.

I chose well-known Victoria names in the twitter community such as Realtor Scott Garman , Investors Group’s Paul Holmes en/paul.holmes/home, Yoga Instructor, Amanda Jennifer and organizations such as the Canadian Mental Health Association of BC, BCSS Victoria http:/ /, and Our Place Society I just began this venture and as positive responses have already started to roll in, I continue to tweet, invite, and search out new contacts constantly.

I have no doubt that the West Coast community will rally together and realize that one in five people suffer from a mental illness and many resources are needed to help these people. It is in great community spirit that hope is possible and it takes the efforts of many to make a difference. Bell is a change agent in Canada and money raised makes a difference. The Bipolar Disorder Society of BC’s Stigma Stomp Program has received funding from Bell in the past and is grateful that they have been able to deliver their programs in the schools successfully because of it.

You have the option to become a CHAMPION and start your own twitter campaign by taking on more than two followers and this is for the more ambitious tweeter hero who wants do more in the hopes of raising even more funds for the cause.

If you are interested in taking part in this wonderful campaign contact Andrea Paquette AKA Bipolar Babe @Bipolar_Babe on Twitter or and sign up to be part of something impactful for mental health initiatives all across Canada.

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