Bee Green Team

Technical Developer / Writer

With several years of technical expertise and a passion for community, Danielle is the website developer and designer for Bee Green.  She also loves writing and looks forward to contributing to the magazine.

Co-Founder/ BG TV Host/ PR Manager

“Community”, “Local”, and “Sustainability” are some of the words that are close to Jennifer’s heart. Jennifer's passion is PR, Social Media and Host for Bee Green Online Magazine.
Jennifer has always loved writing and looks forward to publishing her autobiography “Under the Cape" in the near future.
You will see the Jennifer on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many other social media platforms connecting and talking about sustainability, community and supporting local businesses <3


Joanie is an artist who never leaves home without her camera.  Victoria is a photographer's dream paradise, which is why she creates 'PeridoTulips!' greeting cards using the 1000's of photos she takes every year.  She sells them at local markets and art tours and to her clients who use the cards to express themselves using local scenery.

Mental Health Educator / Contributor

Andrea Paquette, AKA Bipolar Babe, is an advocate, writer, and most of all a stigma stomper.

In 2010, Andrea incorporated the Bipolar Disorder Society of BC alongside five additional board of directors with great success, obtaining charitable status at an expedited rate.
Andrea has published a recent literary essay as part of an anthology called ‘Hidden Lives’. She is delighted to share her experience and health and wellness tips as a contributor to Bee Green Magazine.


Born and raised playing in the rainy weather of the wet coast Paul seeks the comfort of soul food and warm sun. His umbilical connection to nature is inseparable, his love for art, music and truth synonymous. A valuable asset in any team environment, Paul brings commitment and completion to every project. Film and production is his weapon of choice, painting an inspirational message of possibility is his passion. You'll find him wherever there's a warm bon fire and good company.

Raw Food Chef and Founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education

Founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education, Danielle Arsenault is a Raw Food Chef, certified through Raw Foundations in Vancouver, BC and has also completed the Living Foods Lifestyle Total Well-being Education Course in Puerto Rico at the Ann Wigmore Institute. When it comes to the kitchen, Pachavega always prepares fresh organic, vegan, gluten-free food with mindful tenderness and is committed to compassion. 

She offers personal chef services and holds whole foods workshops around town. She is a certified BC teacher and also a published cookbook author who co-created the vegan, gluten-free seasonal cookbook series from the kitchens of pinch and dash. She is also an accomplished poet with 5 poetry books and a singer/songwriter. Under her musical pseudonym, Mustache Fable she released her ukulele-infused debut album in 2012. She is a passionate rock climber who has traveled the world moonlighting as an English teacher and discovered isolated corners of globe.

Looking for some grounding roots and stepping into the role of the 2013 speaker coordinator for Viva Raw, she has chosen to call Victoria home for the time being.  Have a look at Danielle's website at  Danielle is a true delight and AMAZING Chef!


Holistic Nutritionist/Young Living Distributor/Raindrop Technique Massage/Contributor

Michelle Stafford had the opportunity to work in various recreation centres in both eastern and western Canada. Michelle’s own personal health and wellness inspired her to become a holistic nutritionist, and she graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Toronto Ontario, where she practiced with various people.

Michelle is constantly seeking opportunities to incorporate sustainable lifestyle and nutrition choices into her life and others. She believes there is a strong correlation with mental and physical ailments. Recently Michelle has trained with The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education, Inc. (CARE), more specifically, to learn and share Raindrop Technique with clients. Michelle is known for her witty sense of humour, and creating everlasting connections.

Michelle Stafford
(250) 896-8897


Financial Planner, Entrepreneur and Community Connector

Philip Bisset-Covaneiro is an accomplished entrepreneur, business leader and dedicated community connector. He was born in Portugal, raised abroad, learned a number of languages, and was integrated into a number of cultures. Finally settling in Canada Philip has a wide perspective and great appreciation for others. While completing his first degree from the University of Victoria in 2007, Philip began his career with Investors Group amidst committing to community service. He works diligently to help promote and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit by presenting to business classes at Colleges, Universities and High Schools. He also is very active in the community acting as the founder/president of YES Victoria, Voting Director of the Saanich Legacy Foundation, and Vice Chair of InnovativeCommunities.Org Foundation Trust.

Direct: 250-727-9191
Mobile: 250-882-2200

"Passion for beauty inside and out"

Yuko Turnbull is an hair artist, vegan health nut, yoga fanatic and animal lover. She has a deep appreciation of nature and its power over the body and soul.

Yuko’s flair for hair artistry has made her one of Vancouver’s most sought after stylists. After attending the Vidal Sassoon Advanced Training Academy,she graduated with one of the highest scores on record. Yuko loves enhancing her clients natural beauty by working to create a totally custom look taking into consideration face shape ,skin tone, personality and lifestyle. She only uses the most amazing products. Ever product that Yuko uses has been carefully researched, vegan and free of hazardous chemicals.

Yuko's passion for health and wellness has lead her though a journey that started 8 years ago going vegetarian, vegan then raw. She truly believes "let food be thy medicine" and has witnessed miraculous healing thru changes in diet. She loves sharing information about fasting, juicing, vegan cooking, raw non cooking, smoothy making etc making you name it!!
contact Yuko today and let your transformation inside and out begin :)

Host, Contributor, Social Media Expert, Event Coordinator and Advertising

I’m Shane Nicholls, Host, Contributor, Social Media Expert, Event Coordinator and Advertising for Bee Green Online Magazine; I have passion for hockey and giving back to the local community. I am the founder of Topaz Hockey and help with several events and charities. "I bee'lieve we all can make a difference in the local community; so giving back to is important to me." “Bee the change you want to see in the local community”



Tel: 250.590.7420


Twitter: @topazhockey

Momma matters, life coach for moms, B. Ed.

Carlie is a life coach for moms, writer, speaker, and advocate for mothers and children.  Also a teacher at the middle and high school level, Carlie’s classroom perspective is unique and fuels her drive to work with and support mothers and their children.  Carlie is a happy momma of two beautiful boys and takes her greatest lessons from them. What Carlie is most passionate about is teaching mothers how to take great care of themselves, how to live in the present moment, and how to model this for their children as the best step towards a sustainable future on our magnificent earth.

Writer, Photographer and Freelance Makeup Artisit

Stephanie Deline is a freelance makeup artist, photographer and writer based in Vancouver. Freshly relocated to the West Coast from Toronto, Ontario (where she received an education in journalism and built a photography business from the ground up), Stephanie has spent the past few years crafting a career that combines all three of her favourite vocations; beauty, writing and photography. She writes for several publications and freelances for many beauty brands, helping them create compelling  content and features via writing, photography and promotion.

Stephanie lives in Vancouver with her husband and two-year-old-daughter. She divides her time between family, business portrait photography and boudoir photography, writing for her own blog (, and working with the brands she believes in. Passionate about eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare, Stephanie's major writing focus is on non-toxic beauty and its benefits. She is thrilled to be a contributor for Bee Green Magazine.
Expect features, how-to pieces, tips, giveaways and more from Stephanie's contributions to Bee Green!

Whole Food Chef and Founder of The Good For You Gourmet

At The Good For You Gourmet, we believe it is a chef's responsibility to provide health supporting, delicious food using seasonal, local whole foods ingredients. Through our personal chef services, we do exactly that, working with our clients to create menus that meet their dietary needs, then we shop and cook nutritious delicious meals for them in the comfort of their own homes. Menu plans feature free-range and un-medicated meats, dairy and eggs, heritage grains, unsprayed/organic produce, and whole foods sweeteners in West Coast style, Ayurvedic, Okinawa & Mediterranean fare. We also have vegan, vegetarian and multiple allergy diet plans available, including gluten-free for celiacs.

When Chef Laura Moore began her career as a whole foods chef in 1998 as a recipe writer for the Fresh Piks Organics weekly newsletter, her loyal following of recipe lovers were soon asking her to cook for them privately and for special events. Her passion for making and eating wholesome, natural foods, and deep green interest in the earth-friendly practices of recycling and composting soon blossomed into Victoria’s first green, whole foods personal chef and caterer.

Chef Laura’s company, the Good For You Gourmet, offers a convenient, gourmet, whole-foods personal chef and catering service to residents and visitors to southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. She invites you to embrace gourmet West Coast whole foods for wellness, flavor, nutrition and presentation when you hire a caterer or personal chef. View our personal chef packages, gift certificates, and a sampling of menu items on our website, along with feedback from catering clients. Visit, or contact Chef Laura at 250.514.1544, or via email, at

Liz Zdunich Goddess of GROOVE, BLOGGER and Mumma

Hi! I'm Liz! I am a playful yogini, teacher and coach, lover of sweet beats and a goddess of GROOVE, Master Trainer in THEGROOVE, Reiki practitioner, blogger, business owner/operator and above all, a mumma of two beautiful, bright lights. I have been professionally involved in the “fitness industry” for over seventeen years, accumulating an eclectic collection of certificates, a degree and some wisdom over the years. I have an absolute passion for helping people discover their own physical and inner strength and beauty. My classes reflect the way I like my life; a full spectrum of potential experiences....savouring everything from loud, playful and creative movement to quiet, deep, introspective stillness.

My offerings are truly an act of love and my souls passion. I strive to create an environment where you will feel welcome and leave feeling completely nourished...whether we meet in person or virtually. I believe in people’s ability to exceed beyond their own perceived limitations to live a life happier and more abundant than ever thought possible! I am grateful that you allow me the honour of being a part, however that may look, of your journey.

twitter & instagram @lizzdunich